To decrease menu level click   Return   or   Main Page   in the table down in the menu page.

To change the place or city "thematic area" you can do in different ways:

1. choosing from menu,

2. indicating the site on the map or
3. clicking the arrow next leads you to the next nearest site.
The arrow return brings you back to menu.

During the Slide Show click the photo to pass immediately to the next one. To return to the previous photo, press BackSpace key.

To see the presentation correctly a minimum resolution required is 1024 x 768 pixel and 32 bit colour. To see the presentation in full screen press F11 to eliminate the upper bar. By pressing F11 again (toggle) the bar reappears. Choose "letter size" => "medium" in "view" pull down menu.

The photos presentation is accompanied by adequate musical background performed only in Internet Explorer.

To watch the photos on TV screen you need to have DVD with "jpg" option. Using the buttons on remote control find the first photo in "images" subdirectory of any town. Then press "OK" to begin slide presentation.